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feeling motivated + discord server

2017-09-14 11:37:09 by AzeXiR

I actually feel pretty motivated after quite some time. i have a bunch of cool ideas and a lot of songs in works, hopefully i can release more frequently. 

Also 9.9. was my birthday.

and i created a discord server if anyone is interested. Here is an invite link:


I am back :)

2017-08-04 13:03:34 by AzeXiR

Finnaly made a new track:

Hope you like it!

I plan on posting more often but i may not have the motivation to do so. 

Tracks will be coming kind of randomly.

Coming soon!

2017-04-15 06:04:15 by AzeXiR


I am still producing!

2017-02-13 14:11:50 by AzeXiR

Although i was taking a break from producing, i am back again :).

I am currently working on a new track and i think it sounds really awesome!


Happy new year!

2016-12-31 18:52:45 by AzeXiR

Happy new year to everyone!

Im sorry that i couldnt post any other tracks this year, i spend all christmas break playing at my new phone :p

Thanks to my fans for the great support i had got from them :)

thanks to all my friends on here and  the people who helped me with improvement on my songs or just listened them.

Dont worry, new tracks are on the way and i hope you will enjoy them!

Happy new year  :)


Merry christmas!

2016-12-24 11:36:54 by AzeXiR

Here is my special song:

Hope you enjoy!

Some people unfollowed me

2016-12-16 15:19:25 by AzeXiR


Idk why but recently a lot of people unfollowed me here, i understand it, but i wonder why...

colaboration with DIBLIS!

2016-12-12 12:47:16 by AzeXiR

Hello people!

Me and @DIBLIS are working on a new collaboration.

just letting you know.


Soundcloud account!

2016-12-11 11:15:48 by AzeXiR

Yay i made a soundcloud account

check it out, and follow me there kplsthx

Echo of the wind

2016-12-09 09:21:23 by AzeXiR

Thats the name of one song in The end EP:

6054638_148129312131_prvniscreenshotechoofthewind.pngand second part of the picture, you cant see the full project in just one screenshot:6054638_148129321671_druhyscreenshotechoofthewind.pngYou probably cant understand something, thats because its czech version of the software :)